Liber Aleph



De Vitiis Voluntatis Secretæ[1]

Learn moreover concerning this Hell, or Hidden Wisdom, that is within thee, that it is modified, little by little, through the Experience of the Conscious Mind, which feedeth it. For that Wisdom is the Expression, or rather Symbol and Hieroglyph, of the true Adjustment of thy Being to its Environment. Now, then, this Environment being eroded by Time, this Wisdom is no more perfect, for it is not Absolute, but standeth in Relation to the universe. So then a part thereof may become useless, and atrophy as (I will instance this case) Man's Wit of Smell; and the bodily Organ corresponding degeneratheth therewith. But this is an Effect of much Time, so that in thy Hell thou art like to find Elements vain, or foolish, or contrary to thy present Weal. Yet, o my Son, this Hidden Wisdom is not thy True Will, but only the Levers (I may say so) thereof. Notwithstanding, there lieth therein a faculty of Balance, whereby it is able to judge whether any Element in itself is presently useful and benign, or idle and malignant. Here then is a Root of Conflict between the Conscious and the Unconscious, and a Debate concerning the right order of conduct, how the Will may be accomplished.

[1] On the Defects of the Hidden Will

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