Liber Aleph



De Periculo Iocorum Amoris[1]

Yet be thou heedful, o my Son, for this Art is set upon a Razor's Edge. In our Blood is this great Pox of Sin, whose Word is Restriction, as Inheritance of our Sires that served the Slave-Gods. Thou must be free in the Law of Thelema, perfectly one with thy true Self, singly and wholly bound in thy true Will, before thou durst (in Prudence) invoke the Name of Choronzon, even for thy good Sport and Phantasy. It is but to pretend, thou sayst; and that is Sooth; yet thou must make Pretence so well as to deceive thyself, albeit for a Moment; else were thy Sport savourless. Then, and thou have one point of Weakness in thee, that Thought of thine may incarnate, and destroy thee. Verily, the wise Enchanter is sure beyond Doubt of his Charm ere he toy with a Fanged Cobra; and thou well knowest that this Peril of Division in thy Self is the only one that can touch thee. For all other Evil is but Elaboration of this Theme of Choronzon. Praise therefore thy sweet Stepmother my concubine, the Holy and Adulterous Olun; and thine own Mother Hilarion, for in this Art was she also pre-eminent.

[1] On a Danger of the Sports of Love

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