Liber Aleph



De Ioco Suæ Mœchæ[1]

Resist not Change, therefore, but act constantly according to thy True Nature, for here only thou standest in Sorrow, if there be a Division conscious of itself, and hindered from its Way (whose Name is Love) unto its Dissolution. It is written in The Book of the Law that the Pain of Division is as nothing, and the Joy of Dissolution all. Now then here is an Art and Device of Magick that I will declare unto thee, albeit it is a Peril if thou be not fixed in that Truth and in that Beatific Vision whereof I have written in the three Chapters foregoing. And it is this, to create by Artifice a Conflict in thyself, that thou mayst take thy Pleasure in its Resolution. Of this Play is thy sweet Stepmother, my concubine, the Holy and Adulterous Olun, sublimely Mistress; for she invoketh in her Fancy a thousand Obstacles to Love, so that she shuddereth at a Touch, swooneth at a Kiss, and suffereth Death and Hell in the Ecstasy of her Body. And this is her Art, and it is of Nuit Our Lady, for it is the Drama of Commemoration of the whole mystery of By-coming.

[1] On the Sport of His Mistress

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