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De Recto In Recto[1]

Now also then I bid thee use all filial Diligence, and attend to this same Word in the Mouth of thine earliest Ancestor (except we adventure to invoke the Name fu-shi) in our known Genealogy, the Most Holy, the True Man, Lao-Tze, that gave His Light unto the Kingdom of Flowers. For being questioned concerning the abode of the Tao, he gave Answer that It was in the Dung. Again, the Tathagata, the Buddha, most blessed, most perfect and most enlightened, added His Voice, that there is no Grain of Dust which shall not attain to the Arhan. Keep therefore in just Balance the Relation of Illusion to Illusion in that Aspect of Illusion, neither confusing the Planes, nor confounding the Stars, nor denying the Laws of their Reaction, yet with Eagle's Vision beholding the One Sun of the True Nature of the Whole. Verily, this is the Truth, and unto it did also Dionysus and Tahuti and Sri Krishna set the seal of their Witness. Cleanse therefore thine Heart, o my Son, in the Waters of the Great Sea, and enkindle it with the Fire of the Holy Ghost. For this is His peculiar Work of Sanctification.

[1] On Righteousness in the Fundament

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