Liber Aleph



De Mysterio Eucharistico Universali[1]

My Son, heed also this Word of thine Uncle William O'Neill; Everything that lives is holy. Yea, and more also, every Act is holy, being essential to the Universal Sacrament. Knowing this, thou mayst conform with that which is written in The Book of the Law: to make no Distinction between any one Thing and any other Thing. Learn well to apprehend this Mystery, for it is the Great Gate of the College of Understanding, whereby each and all of thy Senses become constant and perpetual Witnesses of the One Eucharist, whereunto also they are Ministers. So then to thee every Phenomenon soever is the Body of Nuit in her Passion; for it is an Event; that is, the Marriage of some one Point of view with some One Possibility. And this State of Mind is notably an Appurtenance of thy Grade of Master of the Temple, and the Unveiling of the Arcanum of Sorrow, which is thy Work, as it is written in Liber Magi. Moreover, this State, assimilated in the very Marrow of thy Mind, is the first Step toward the comprehension of the Arcanum of Change, which is the Root of the Work of a Magus of Our Holy Order. O my Son, bind this within thine Heart, for its Name is the Beatific Vision.

[1] On the Universal Eucharistic Mystery

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