Liber Aleph



De Necessitate Verbi Clamandi[1]

He that striveth against his own Nature is a Fool, and wotteth not his Will, darkening Counsel in himself, and denying his own God, and giving Place to Choronzon. So then his Work becometh Hotchpot, and he is shattered and dispersed in the Abyss. Nor is it better for him if he do this for the supposed Good of another, and for that other is it Evil also in the End of the Matter. For to manifest thine own Division to another, and to deceive him, is but to confirm him in Blindness or Illusion, and to hinder or to deflect him in his Way. Now to do thine own Will is to leave him free to do his own Will, but to mask thy Will is to falsify one of the Beacons by which he may steer his Ship. My Son, all division of Soul, that begetteth Neurosis and Insanity, cometh from wrong Adjustment to Reality, and to Fear thereof. Wilt thou then hide Truth from thy Brother, lest he suffer? Thou dost not well, but confirmest him in Iniquity, and in Illusion, and in Infirmity of Spirit.

[1] On the Need of Declaring the Word

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