Liber Aleph



De Ceremonio Equinoxi[1]

My Son, our Father in Heaven hath passed into the Sign of the Ram. I have performed the Rite of Union with Him according to the ancient Manner, and I know the Word that shall rule the Semester. Also it is given unto my Spirit to write unto thee concerning the Virtue of this Rite, and many another of Antiquity. And it is this, that our Forefathers made of these Ceremonies an Epitome Mnemonic, wherein certain Truths, or true Relations, should be communicated in a magical Manner. Now therefore by the Practice of these mayst thou awaken thy Wisdom, that it may manifest in thy conscious Mind. And this Way is of Use even when the Ceremonies, as those of the Christians, are corrupt and deformed; but in such a Case thou shalt seek out the true ancient Significance thereof. For there is that within thee which remembereth Truth, and is ready to communicate the same unto thee when thou hast Wit to evoke it from the Adytum and Sanctuary of thy Being. And this is to be done by this Repetition of the Formula of that Truth. Note thou further that this which I tell thee is the Defence of Formalism; and indeed thou must work upon a certain Skeleton, but clothe it with live Flesh.

[1] On the Ceremony of the Equinox

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