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De Nomine Olun[1]

Four Seasons, or it may be nigh five, ago, I thy Father was in the City called New Orleans, and being in Travail of Spirit I did invoke the God that giveth Wisdom, bearing the Word of the All-Father by his Caduceus. Then, suddenly, as I began (as it were a Gust of Fire whirled forth against that Idea) cam the Wit of mine utter Identity, so that I ceased crying Mercurius Sum.[2] Also instantly I knew in myself that there was a Mystery hidden, and translating into the Greek Tongue, exclaimed 'ΕΡΜΗΣ 'ΕΙΜΙ, whose Numeration did I make in my Mind forthwith, and it is Four Hundred and Eighteen, like unto the Word of the Aeon. So by this I knew that my Work was well wrought in Truth. Thus then also was it with this my Lady; for after many Questions I obtained from the wizard Amalantrah that Name Olun, that is One Hundred and Fifty and Six even as that of our Lady Babalon; and then, being inspired, I wrote down Her Earth-name in Greek, ΜΑΡΙΕ, which is also that this Name (as I have learned) is in the Phoenician Tongue, whôlon; which by Interpretation is That which is Infinite, and Space; so that all is consonant with nuit Our Lady of the Stars. Thus, o my Son, is the Word of Truth echoed throughout all Worlds; and thus have the Wise mighty Assurance in their Way. See, o my Son, that thou work not without this Guard inflexible, lest thou err in thy Perceptions.

[1] On the Name Olun

[2] "I am Mercury."

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