Liber Aleph



De Operibus Stellæ Microcosmi Quorum Sunt Quattour Minores[1]

I have already written unto thee, my Son, of the Paradox of Liberty, how the Freedom of thy Will dependeth upon the Bending of all thy forces to that one End. But now also learn how great is the Œconomy of our Magick, and this will I declare unto thee in a Figure of the Holy Qabalah, to wit, the Formula of the Tetragrammaton. Firstly, the Operation of Yod and Hé is not Vau only, but with Vau appeareth also a new Hé, as a By-Product, and She is mysterious, being at once the Flower of the three others, and their Poison. Now by the Operation of Vau upon that Hé is no new Creation, but the Daughter is set upon the Throne of Her Mother, and by this is rekindled the Fire of Yod, which, consuming that Virgin, doth not add a Fifth Person, but balanceth and perfecteth all. For this Shin, that is the Holy Spirit, pervadeth these, and is immanent. Thus in three Operations is the Pentagram formulated. But in the Figure of that Star these Operations are not indicated, for the five Lines of Force connect not according to any of them; but five new Operations are made possible; and these are the Works proper to the perfected man. First, the Work which lieth level, the Vau with the Hé, is of the Yang and the Yin, and maketh One the Human with the Divine, as in the Attainment of the Master of the Temple. Yet this Work hath his Perversion, which is of Death. Thus then for these four Works, they pertain all to the Natural Formula of the Cross and Rose.

[1] On the Four Lesser Operations of the Microcosmic Star

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