Liber Aleph



De Femina Quadam[1]

Knowest thou for what Cause I am moved to write this unto thee, my Son only-begotten, Child of Magick and of Mystery? It is that I thy Father am also in this Ordeal of Initiation at this Hour. For the Sun is nigh unto the End of the Sign of the Fishes in the Thirteenth Year of the Aeon, and the New Current of High Magick leapeth forth as a Flood from the Womb of my True Lady Babalon. And a Word hath come to me by the Mouth of thee Scarlet Woman, whose Name is eve, or ahitha, concerning the Temple of Jupiter that is builded for me. And therein is a Woman appointed to a certain Office. Now this Woman appeared to me in a Vision when I was in the House of the Juggler by the Lake among the Mountains, the Sun being in Cancer in the Eleventh Year of the Aeon, even in the Week after thy Birth. And I think this Woman to be Her whom I call wesrun. But even while with a pure Heart I did invoke Her, there came unto me another like unto Her, so that I am confused in my Mind and bewildered. And this other Woman stirreth my true Nature in its Depth, so that I will not call it Love. For the Voice of Love I know of old; but this other Woman speaketh in a tongue whereof I have no Understanding.

[1] On a Certain Woman

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